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The plotting command plotyy allows one to plot two different data sets (with the same range in the dependent variable) on the same plot but with different scales for the $y$-axes.
% Double y axes plot; Also demonstrate subplots
x = -10:.1:10; % define points for independent variable
y1 = (sin(x)./x).^2; % "dot" operator squares individual elements 
                     % and not the whole array
y2 = 3*sin(abs(x));
subplot(2,1,1); % Divide figure into 1x2 array of plots and start with #1
plot(x,y1,x,y2); % Plot both data sets an same scale
subplot(2,1,2); % Put next plot in second slot
Note the different scales on each side of the plot on the bottom.

Gus Hart 2005-01-28