Gardner Grading

To check an individual’s clicker quiz responses/grades:
• login as [username], use current password
• cd [classfolder]
• cd quizzes2 [perhaps cd quizzes]
• gradequiziclicker [quiz#] [CID#]

To check grades, etc:
• use link on desktop, which is…
• Go to file:///Users/hart/[...]/instructor281f.html

“recorder” program to edit student info (can e.g. edit exam scores)

IMPORTANT: to edit HW grades, do NOT use recorder. Any changes done manually will be overwritten if/when problems are regraded. Instead, use “Change student’s HW answer” part of “Instructor Access” form.

To check a clicker number
• login as [username] (regular password)
• cd [classfolder]
• cd quizzes2 [or quizzes1, for section 1]
• grep <CID> idlist.dat

To upload exam scores
• download in csv format from testing center (Name, BYU ID & score--check recorder.ini to see what recorder is expecting)
• ftp to gardner/[username]/[classfolder]
• use recorder program to input file (Data file, Final exam, IMPORTANT: don’t “replace BYU ID and section number” or else all students whose BYU IDs start with 0 will be replaced. Later: that may have only happened since I used Excel to save the csv file. Check on the file that comes from BYU, next time.)
• check log
• check details to make sure you have e.g. 599 exam scores entered when testing center says 599 students took test

printout program:
• to update what students see on web, immediately
• To get master printout of all students (e.g. to check for duplicates)

To input clicker quizzes:
• use “gradequiz” link on my desktop
• Upload raw file, or csv file if not the raw
• pword [...]

if you get the message:
Error in recoring quiz: contact data entry manager
Error trying to grade and record quiz. Notify data manager
it means someone has the recorder program running, and it consequently couldn’t record the quizzes. In that case, find out who it is and get them to close recorder. Then:
• make sure recorder is unlocked by running it
• cd quizzes2 [and quizzes1]
• gradequiziclicker [quiz#]
• recordquiz [no argument] {note, this doesn’t give an error message if it doesn’t work}
to get the quiz graded and recorded.

To curve an exam (add points to everyone’s score)
• Recorder program, under “set” command
• Selective setting: for example, if final > 0 then put +5 into final column
o Nonselective probably works too, if you tell it e.g. “+5” as value to enter

To edit grade boundaries
• Edit printout.ini file, around line 256
• Or look for “cutoffs” osr “grades”

To see histogram of student scores
• use printout to create histogram as html file
• use ftp program to find and download html file which got created (takes some hunting around)

To grade a warmup/JITT quiz
• login as [username] (regular password)
• cd [classfolder]
• cd jitt
• gradejitt2 [warmup#] {gradejitt2 is the program; the “2” is the version number}
o E.g. gradejitt2 25 > jitt25results to save results for jitt 25 in a file
• recordjitt [warmup#]
• cd ..; printout; if I want the grades to be accessible to the students immediately.

To look at the results of a warmup/JITT quiz
• use e.g. WinSCP to look at files in jitt directory

shortcut to regrade all quizzes
• go into quizzes1 or quizzes2 subdirectory
• dogradequiziclicker [# of quizzes]
• (regrades all of the quizzes from 1 to [# of quizzes])

To look at JITT multiple choice later on
• gradejitt2 [warmup#] a second time
• but don’t recordjitt again
• or… to save to a file, can do e.g. gradejitt2 [warmup#] > filename

To transfer all students not registered for the class (e.g. after the withdrawal date)
• Export class roll(s) (gives a csv file; can rename it to e.g. roll-[class]-1.txt)
• FTP class rolls into [classfolder] directory
• Move all students to section 999: Set → “1” (nonselective) → section → 999
• Move section 1 students to section 1: Datafile → 6. roll without section → [filename] → update section/name → [section#]
• Repeat for section 2

When giving a student an extra free late homework via Stokes’ form
• The HW grade report will update immediately
• Normally: The overall grade report will not update until the following day. Don’t worry.
• If I need to update immediately: see next item

To regrade HW (needed e.g. to see late assignments given full credit, immediately)
• Go to homework directory
• “gradehomework <set number> <CID>”
o (leave CID off if I want to grade all students)
o Permissions didn’t work right for me
• “recordhomework”
o Puts all newly-graded homework into recorder

To regrade all HW, not just one at a time
• Go to homework directory
• “dogradehomework <set number>”
o Grades & records all homework from 1 to <setnumber>

To print out a list of students with blanks for recording grades (for the grader)
• Printout
• 4. Reader list
• 2. all sections <600
• Then WinSCP to retrieve file, Word to print out the file

Dummy/fake student, created new each semester. For Phys 123, Fall 2010:
• CID 785
• last 4 digits 0987

At start of semester, before the nightly updating begins:
• To let the students see grades, just run “Student Scores” in printout
• To update the CIDlist that Harold’s html form shows me, run “Internet Roll” in printout

To have extra credit start displaying
• enter in nonzero scores in Instructor (CID 000) for, e.g., XC 1-6

To change someone’s BYU ID:
• Change it in the student’s grade entry with recorder
• Change the file corresponding to his/her CID in the “byuid” directory (that’s what website checks for password when students check grades)

To look at old clicker quiz raw data:
• Look at the appropriately dated file in the quizzes1\old directory (or quizzes2, for section 2)

To edit CID/clicker number association (if student put it in with the wrong CID)
• ftp the “idlist.dat” file from quizzes (not quizzes1 or quizzes2) to local computer
• edit file… change the CID
• ftp it back
• regrade all quizzes
• use recorder to delete the duplicate student with bad CID

If a warmup quiz seems to be missing a question:
• probably means that the quiz wasn’t complete when the first student took it
• can likely just switch the first two students, then regrade it

To manually add a student and assign a CID (e.g. if the student adds very late)
• Recorder: New student, put in BYU ID and make up CID
• Printout: Run “byuid” program, which creates the file named by his CID with BYUID as text inside
• Run normal printout if desired, so that he gets an initial grade report.

To give students extra credit for doing end of semester ratings
• Download ratings files from BYU website
• Rename files downloaded to e.g. “ratings.dat” instead of “downloadlist.aspx”
• Fix file so that where it says “<tab>001<tab>” for e.g. section 1, it now says “^t3^t” as in 3 pts of extra credit
• Read in file as type “extracredit”, field xcredit number (e.g.) 5.

To give extra credit for e.g. doing my own survey
• Prepare file with list of CIDs, one student per line
• Make sure the amount of extra credit (e.g. “3”) shows up on each line in column 6 or col 7
• Recorder → Datafile → Scores → etc
• Problem: students who had CIDs less than 100 didn’t get credit. The leading zeroes got stripped off somewhere in this process. Be careful!


Record final exam score from the testing center