Warm-Up Exercise 37

Due 10:00 am, Fri., Mar. 30

Physics 123, Winter Semester, 2012

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The Galilean velocity transformation equation is simple (simpler than its name implies). It's also sometimes called the "classical velocity addition" formula. It's "obviously" true. What is the premise of simply adding velocities to get the relative velocity between two objects?

If the Galilean velocity transformation equation was true, what would it say about how fast the "center" of the universe is moving? What is the "universal" coordinate system that we should measure velocity with respect to?

Explain in your own words (in language that your non-physics-major roommates could understand) how the Galilean velocity transformation equation and the two postulates of special relativity are at odds with one another

Was there anything that you didn't understand in the reading assignment? If so, explain.


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