Warm-Up Exercise 13

Due 10:00 am, Fri, Feb. 3

Physics 123, Winter Semester, 2012

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Using ideas from both the reading and from the last lecture, explain why heat flows from hot to cold when the process of energy exchange between two objects is "random". (How can you get directed motion of heat, when energy is being exchanged both ways?!)

If you have a mole's worth of gas atoms in a container, what is the probability that the they are all on the left 99% (the rightmost 1% of the container is "empty") of the container?

When two systems A and B can exchange energy, the entropy of system A *always* decreases when system A gives energy to system B. If that's so, why would energy ever spontaneously flow from system A to sytem B? (It often will. When? Why?)

Was there anything that you didn't understand in the reading assignment? If so, explain.


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