Warm-Up Exercise 5

Due 10:00 am, Friday, Jan. 13

Physics 123, Winter Semester, 2012

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When the particle of an ideal gas collides with the wall of the container, it is "reflected" off the wall. By how much does its momentum change? How long must you wait before it collides with the same wall? So what is the average force on that wall by that one particle?

You might have noticed that we just "regurgitated" from the textbook in the last question. Normally, I don't ask you to do that. But I'm trying to help you"read the math" in the textbook. There's a long derivation in the text book that starts in the question above and finishes with something close to the ideal gas law. *In words* (not math), finish the derivation. In other words, read the math carefully and figure out conceptually what is going on.

Section 20.5 talks about three different velocities of particles in a gas. Explain in your own words why v_rms > v_avg > v_mp.

If you are one of the 10% that haven't read the syllabus yet, please do it before the next warmup.

Was there anything that you didn't understand in the reading assignment? If so, explain.


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