Warm-Up Exercise 4

Due 10:00 am, Wednesday, Jan. 11

Physics 123, Winter Semester, 2012

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When the metal ring and metal sphere in the figure are both at room temperature, the sphere can be passed through the ring, but only just barely. (A) After the sphere is warmed in a flame, it cannot be passed through the ring. Explain. (B) What if the ring is warmed (instead of the sphere)? Can the sphere pass through? Explain.

Two spheres are the same size and are made of the same material, but one is solid and the other is hollow. Which expands more when the temperature is increased? Explain.

To make a very sensitive glass thermometer, which liquid would be the best choice? Mercury, alcohol, gasoline, glycerin, water.

I'm getting lots of questions that are answered in the syllabus. Have you read the syllabus yet? (If not, do it before next class period please.)
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