Warm-Up Exercise 3

Due 10:00 am, Monday, Jan. 9

Physics 123, Winter Semester, 2012

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You have two identical buckets. You are filling them with water from the garden hose. It takes 30 seconds to fill the first one. You notice that the water comes out "faster" when you put your thumb over the end of the hose a little bit. How long do you think it will take to fill the second bucket? Explain how you know.

In your own words, without parroting the text, explain what the equation for the continuity means. Interpret it in physical terms. Imagine you were explaining it to your brother/sister/mother who hasn't taken physics at all.

If the airstream from a hair dryer is directed ove a ping pong ball, the ball can be levitated. Explain how this works.

Have you read the syllabus yet? (If not, do it before next class period please.)
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Was there anything that you didn't understand in the reading assignment? If so, explain.


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